Dell, HP, and Lenovo Laptops, which one is Better in 2022?

Dell, HP, and Lenovo are well-known and well-reputed brands in the laptop market. This is the era of technology. Our lives are depending on technology. Whether it’s business, food, shopping, counseling, etc., every aspect of life. Now the generation is technically developed and technically dependent as well. Our life has become very fast and easy with technology.  

Technology has given so many opportunities for businesses to grow and living standards to improve. The working environment has also magnified with the technology. The commodities are reliable and smart because of the laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets.  

Which one is better? 

Yes, the laptop is another necessary need in the technological era to work and run quickly with the technical system run race. Whether you want to do workplace or work from the home, entertain or shop, communicate with anyone or instruct your team via email or any other medium, a laptop is required. 

When you are looking for a laptop to fulfill or accomplish your task, look for certain specs and features. the laptop should be durable and affordable, and it should meet your set of requirements. When you search for a laptop, there are many brands. Many brands and corporations are developing laptops; markets have a plethora of brands of laptops and other smart products. Not every brand can meet your specifications. Dell, HP, and Lenovo make quality products with updated specifications and features. the aesthetics are good too.  

We have listed some specs and innovations that you should be familiar with before buying a laptop.  

  • Graphics card 
  • Processor 
  • Storage and RAM 
  • Display 
  • Warranty 
  • Battery 
  • Price  

Let’s discuss in detail these laptop brands.  

HP: Hp is a remarkable brand for PCs and Laptops. They have maintained their popularity and goodwill worldwide.  

Dell: This tech corporation is widely known for high-quality laptops.  

Lenovo: It is one of the biggest vendors and manufacturers of laptops. The sales of Lenovo laptops are considerably increasing every day.  

Now, let’s take at the specs and feature these brands offer.  



Different processors are used by dell manufacturers. Mostly they use Intel and AMD processors. Without a doubt, the company prioritized construction and performance over the design of Dell laptops

For gamers, Dell has introduced laptops such as Alienware 17. There is a business category as well. There is a category of cheap laptops. Every category has processors according to the requirements.  


The users of HP media are managers and professionals who use it for multi-tasking. Gamers and programmers, on the other hand, use this scale as a base laptop, Ideapad, and ThinkPad. HP laptops, tablets, and ThinkPad use multiple processors such as the Core i7 for different types of laptops that range in price. 

 HP Pavilion X360, like most medium to low-priced HP laptops, is powered by 1.8 GHz, i5-10210U, and Core i7 processors. More expensive HP laptops, such as the HP ENVY 17, use 1.8-4.0 GHz Intel i7 processors, while the HP Phantom has a 10th Gen Core i7 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and GeForce graphics. 


The most popular laptop series among professionals for programming, graphic design, and gaming. Lenovo laptops are the preferred choice of professionals due to their long battery life and, of course, their processors.  

Lenovo laptops are of high quality, with i3 and i5 processors and HD results. Lenovo Ideapad and Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, like Dell, use dual-core processors and AMD intel core. Core i7 processors are used in the yoga and legion series of Lenovo laptops. 



Lenovo is a manufacturer that has always kept its prices low to support its customer service. Their intel processors and cheapest edition cost $200. The most expensive laptop sold by Lenovo is $1200. It is entirely up to your which edition you wish to purchase, whether it has Intel processors or other laptop processors. 


HP, like Dell and Lenovo, uses various processors such as Intel and others, but Lenovo and Dell differ in some ways, such as how well Lenovo uses patterns and colors. Instead of focusing on their build, Lenovo and HP’s laptops are primarily perfect in screen sizes, display options, models, and some intentions are different. 


Lenovo is a manufacturer that has always kept its prices low to support its customer service. Their intel processors and cheapest edition cost $200. The most expensive laptop sold by Lenovo is $1200. It is entirely up to your which edition you wish to purchase. Whether it has Intel processors or other laptop processors. 



Dell is the more well-known and popular brand, with its parts recommended on every hook and corner of the world’s menu to support their services. They place their goods and components in every corner of the globe so that they are closer to people’s needs. Their price reduction is determined by their warranty periods, but their parts and hardware components are readily available. 


The most beautiful graphics on the HP omen 17 are provided by Nvidia Geforce. The Chinese industry exports its machines from China to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It appears to be very simple to purchase a machine and the parts that go with it. 


Lenovo also uses a different TrackPoint around the world. Although there are competitors, their machine’s experience, pros and cons, navigations, The build, keyboard, screen sizes, pen drives, and other factors to consider such as money options have a few differences in the search for a good idea for consumers’ factor. The issue arises when deciding where to buy on browser and reliability discounts.  

Lenovo also employs a unique TrackPoint around the world. Although competitors exist, their machine’s experience, navigations, build, keyboard, screen sizes, pen drives, and other variables to consider such as the cash option have a few differences in the search for a good idea for consumers. When deciding where to buy browsers and reliability discounts, the problem arises. 


Lenovo makes cheap laptops, but HP laptops are more durable. Dell is also known for its gaming and business laptops. So, decided your budget and then make choice depending on the set of requirements. You will not regret buying a laptop from any of these brands. They are the best in the market.  

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