Refurbished Monitors From Leading Brands

Refurbished monitors can be a valuable addition to your tech wardrobe with cut-down prices. While technology is immensely growing, the rise in costs is becoming more common as well. Refurbished monitors are lifesavers when it comes to buying the best brand monitors at reasonable prices.

Leading brands like ASUS, Philips, Lenovo, Dell, and AOC, all, have refurbished monitors ranging in multiple categories. The good part is that you can find most of the leading brand’s refurbished monitors at Laptop Outlet. This online store has refurbished categories with a particular grading system that identifies the condition of the monitor.

It can be real-hard to catch the best monitors at a price that suits you. Refurbished monitors can be a massive help in such cases. But one needs to be extra careful when choosing their refurbished monitor. There could be few glitches or minimal drawbacks in the refurbished monitor you buy. It is highly recommendable that you overlook and review each detail of the monitor you are buying. For this, we have already got you the best recommendation, which is, the Laptop Outlet store.

When it comes to top brands or manufacturers, plenty of them are on the hit list. But if you are particularly looking for the best refurbished or second-hand monitors based on brands, we have got you covered.

Here are the best brands to buy a refurbished monitor in the UK. We have also narrowed down the best monitors from each brand to give you a brief ‘which to buy’ guide.


Philips is one of the most recognised brands, especially in its monitor range and smart home devices. Its monitors come in different sizes and variations of specs. But they are usually known as high-performance monitors with innovative technology features. From console gaming monitors to curved and touchscreen monitors, Philips has it all. Its refurbished monitor range comes with exactly similar features and there are no major shortcomings.

Best Refurbished Philips Monitors

  • Philips 27″ 4k UHD LED Monitor
  • Philips E Line 346E2CUAE


ASUS is a brand known for its productive features and capacitive specs. The ASUS refurbished monitors are supremely in demand, owing to the versatile premium designs. You can also get these monitors with warranty offers, yet they are exactly equipped like the brand-new monitor. Monitors from ASUS are known for diverse usage scenarios. You can be a graphic designer who needs a 4k Resolution and a high refresh rate. Otherwise, you can be a 3D video editor who needs to get a smooth workflow with advanced features on your monitor. ASUS refurbished monitors can be quite a solid choice.

Best Refurbished ASUS Monitors

  • ASUS VZ249HE
  • Acer V226HQL UM. WV6EE


Lenovo has made it easier for the multitasking users to get a good display environment with its monitors. The brand is known for its impeccable devices including desktop PCs, monitors, laptops, and tablet PCs. But its monitors is one of the prominent range that it includes with lots of advanced features. If you have got to grab the best refurbished monitors from Lenovo, it also has dedicatedly created a category for refurbished buyers.

Best Refurbished Lenovo monitors

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One
  • Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20
  • Lenovo ThinkVision T32p-20


Slim and stylish monitors are going nowhere with brands like Iiyama. The Iiyama monitors provide a fine range of LCD and LED monitors. The brand also caters to large-format displays, touchscreen displays, and high-capacity work displays. You can also get curved monitors with USB C dock and VA panel monitors with 4k Resolution from Iiyama. Its refurbished monitor range includes all of these monitors with diversified specs.

  • Iiyama ProLite X2481HS-B1
  • Iiyama ProLite 27-inch FHD


If you are an office worker or a gamer, AOC could be rightfully a suitable option. Its affordable price makes up for its advanced multitasking features and variety of specs.  AOC monitors are perfect for minimalistic designs, portability, high-Resolution screens, comfort, and connectivity. To find the refurbished AOC monitors, all you need to do is dig into Laptop Outlet. The online store brings a huge variety of certified refurbished AOC monitors.

Best Refurbished AOC Monitors

  • AOC P2 24P2C 23.8
  • AOC 22P1 21.5″ FHD IPS LED


Users who are fond of using exciting display features know that ViewSonic is remarkably known for producing the best monitors. From its televisions to the finest monitor displays, there is a lot to look forward to in ViewSonic. This brand manufactures monitors with advanced ergonomics, stunning Resolutions and fantastic colour accuracy. One can easily find refurbished ViewSonic monitors from all of its categories including curved, 4k-UHD, Ultrawide, USB C and touchscreen monitors.

Best Refurbished ViewSonic Monitors

  • ViewSonic VX3211 – 32


Dell brand has dominated the tech world quite a lot in previous years and the current era as well. Its monitors’ range comes in a broad range of editions with Ultrasharp monitors, gaming monitors, 4k, UHD, and curved monitors. Its E series is perfect for everyday computing while the C series focuses on a collaborative environment. Refurbished Dell monitors are easier to find in the market as their vast variety is available.

Best Dell Refurbished Monitors

  • DELL E Series E2723HN

Bottom Line

Refurbished monitors come in a large variety of brands, from ASUS, Dell, and Lenovo to Philips monitors. The only caution should be to be extra considerate when you buy the one for you. Whether you are a student, professional or business enthusiast, a refurbished monitor can be the biggest advantage for your desk. When it comes to narrowing down to one brand, you need to also cross-check your priorities. For example, a multimedia professional needs from the display can be entirely different from a business user. We hope we have covered most of your thoughts and research trail with the best monitor options

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