Guide: Are Refurbished Monitors Worth It?

We are living in a technology-centered era where monitors are primary sources to cater for our computing needs. Whether you want to get done with a work task with a computer or just want to relax by watching movies, you need a monitor to do it. Monitors enable us to get access to the capacious digital world of the internet and its incredible possibilities, thanks to the latest and innovative features that comes with it.

There is a prevalent question among computer users that – are refurbished monitors worth it. We wish that there could be a concise answer to this question. There are various things to discuss before we conclude. This handy guide will assist you to decide whether buying a refurbished monitor is a wise decision or not. So, let’s start the discussion.

Refurbished Monitors VS Used Monitors

Often people perceive refurbished monitors as used monitors, this perception is potentially correct but not entirely. A refurbished monitor may be a used one, but it is not always the case. For example, a person bought a new monitor, but upon opening the seal of the box, the monitor failed to impress the person, leading to a return to the store without further use. The store then put that monitor on sale with a quite lower price tag “refurbished monitor”.

Refurbished monitors are the ones that were returned to the store for some reason, the reason could be a personal dislike or a technical fault. These secondhand monitors are then inspected, cleaned, repaired (if needed), and then resold in the market with an extended warranty. So, in most cases, it is a wise decision to buy a refurbished monitor rather than buying a used monitor. The used monitor usually neither has a trustworthy origin nor it comes with a valid warranty.

Are Refurbished Monitors Worth It?

Checking the benefits that you can get with the purchase of a refurbished monitor help you decide whether buying a refurbished monitor is a good decision or not. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial benefits of buying a refurbished monitor.

  • Refurbished monitors offer you high-end specs at quite reasonable prices being the secondhand monitors.
  • Refurbished monitors are bound to provide you an excellent quality as they have passed through a strict quality assurance procedure by the manufacturer. This quality check process ensures that the monitors are free of any physical and technical faults.
  • Refurbished monitors come with an extended warranty but make sure that you buy the refurbished monitors from a trusted dealer or store like Laptop Outlet to save yourself from any sort of risk. Laptop Outlet also offers exclusive discounts and offers, enabling you to get the ebst value for money.

With all these benefits, it is an exceptional deal to buy a refurbished laptop to enjoy certain top-notch features which otherwise cost you much money.

Considerable Factors Before Buying A Refurbished Monitor

Just like any other purchase, there are some critical factors that you need to consider before buying a refurbished monitor.


We would advise you to just refrain from buying a refurbished monitor that doesn’t offer any warranty. As a refurbished monitor that comes with a warranty can be claimed in case any new issue popped up. However, with a refurbished monitor having no warranty, it is not possible. Therefore, always go for a refurbished monitor that offers you a certain warranty period.

Age of the Monitor

Typically, it is difficult to accurately judge the age of a refurbished monitor by apparently looking at it. However, one easy method is to use the google to know about the launch date of your refurbished monitor. In case you come across a refurbished monitor that is more than 5 years old, we would advise you not to go for it as most probably the company of the said monitor might have stopped production of that monitor. This may lead to the unavailability of the spare parts for that monitor, so it would be a hassle to repair that monitor later.

Brand Credibility

Always buy a refurbished monitor of a reputed brand. Currently, there are many credible brands in the market that sell refurbished monitors. Therefore, don’t get induced by a lucrative offer from a non-reliable brand or store. So, make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.  To be extra safe, you can check the reviews about the specific refurbished monitor model that you are thinking of buying to check whether it is going to be a good deal or not.


It would be great if you checked the original price of the monitor prior to buying its refurbished variant. Nowadays, there are many sellers that are selling refurbished monitors, especially the refurbished gaming monitors at their original price. If the price is not at least 15% – 25% less than the original price of the monitor, don’t buy it. You can also compare the prices of a few different sellers before hitting that “buy now” button.

Wrapping it up

If you have read the guide above, you may now have a clear idea that there are both risks and benefits involved in the purchase of a refurbished monitor. And it greatly depends upon your risk tolerance level as well. However, as discussed before, there are some ways to minimise the risk level. Getting a refurbished monitor from a trusted company or store that has solid refurbishment procedures and strict quality assurance policies in place is a perfect way to secure your purchase.

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