Knowing These 11 Secrets Will Improve Your Desktop PC Experience

Gone are the days when Apple’s iMac was leading the market with its marvelous features. Now Windows has taken a great share of the market. Although Windows is a robust and feature-rich OS, many users are unfamiliar with its more obscure capabilities. Some of the new features, like the Microsoft Edge browser, are more obvious than others; nevertheless, there are a few secrets and suggestions that are less well-known but can greatly improve your day, work output, and general quality of life. All gamers can find what they’re looking for in this suite of features, which includes a dedicated game mode and even basic virtualization tools. This list of hidden Windows features has something for everyone, from novices to advanced users.

In order to compete with those found in Apple’s iMacs the Microsoft included many advanced capabilities in Windows 10, 10 Pro, and 11. Moreover the connectivity and automatic updates are much enhanced. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite hidden Window goodies. Here, you’ll learn about 11 lesser-known Windows features that can do everything from bolster your computer’s security to expand your entertainment choices.

Hidden Features of Your Window  

Snap Assist

By dragging and dropping windows to the screen’s edges, you may make more room for other applications and make better use of your workspace. You can snap a window into place by dragging it to the screen’s edge and letting go. As many as four windows can be snapped together, allowing you to easily switch between them for side-by-side comparisons and simultaneous work.

Virtual Desktops – New for you?

Having many tabs or windows open at once might make things seem chaotic and difficult to manage. Using virtual desktops, you can separate your work into distinct workspaces and minimise clutter. If you want to make a new virtual desktop Pc or switch between the ones you already have, you may do so by clicking the Task View button in your taskbar.

Cortana – No more Missed Meetings

Cortana is a digital assistant that may help you with things like writing emails, remembering appointments, and researching topics. The Cortana app is indexed by the Windows search function. Say “Hello, Cortana,” and then your request, and she’ll get to work for you. Cortana is capable of several useful tasks, like as playing music, providing directions, checking the news, tracking flight status, and setting alarms.

Share Your Screens from the Task Bar – Make your Video Calls more Interactive!  

Microsoft has introduced a universal microphone switch and an easy method of screen sharing for use in teleconferences. Hovering over an app or open window on the Taskbar now yields the option to “Share this window” in Microsoft Teams. In an instant, the specific window will be shared, providing a simple method of screen sharing. Remember that you need a Microsoft Teams account through your institution in order to access this function.

Quick Access –   Reach your important files immediately.  

If you have saved your important file to your personal folder which is further assembled in another folder, you do not need to open all the folders one by one to reach the one you required more frequently. You are free to pin your favourite or most used program or file, it will help in navigating you to that specific file in the explorer. Doing so will save your time and make your work easy. Now you may be looking for how to pin your file in the quick access. It is as simple as buttering a bread. Just right click on a file and select “Pin to Quick Access”.

Switch to Battery Saver Mode to Save  

Battery Saver will help you get more out of your laptop’s battery if you’re often on the road and rarely able to plug it in to charge. It does this by restricting background processes and modifying your laptop’s settings to utilise less power.

OneDrive – One Place to Have Everything Assembled  

With OneDrive, you can upload files to the cloud and access them from any device, anytime. It syncs automatically with the cloud, so you can get to your files from any computer. If you have a Windows PC, you can easily back up your data by connecting it to OneDrive.

Hello Window – A Goodbye to Old Login Methods 

Get rid of old methods of putting in passwords and pin codes that puts you in a recurring issue of resetting because window 10 has brought an amazing feature of Window Hello! If your device supports biometric authentication methods like fingerprint or facial scanning, you can use those to log in without entering a password. A numeric PIN can be set up to facilitate login. Simply launch the Settings app and navigate to the “Accounts” section to configure Windows Hello. Under “Sign-in settings,” you’ll see the opportunity to configure biometric authentication methods like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

Remote Desktop – Access your Desktop from Anywhere  

With Remote Desktop, you can access and operate your computer from a remote place. You can utilise Remote Desktop PC from another device, provided you first install it on your primary computer. This is helpful when you need to view your computer’s files or run diagnostics from afar. 

But before you turn on Remote Desktop PC, be sure your Windows machine is secure. Put in an anti-virus programme that you know can stop malware in its tracks before it even reaches your computer. An additional layer of security against hackers is a firewall.

Gaming Mode – A Goodnews for all Game Lovers  

You will have a blast using Game Mode if you are a gamer. It makes the most of your device’s capabilities so you can play games at their highest settings. Activating Game Mode will help maintain a consistent framerate and minimise interruptions. In Windows, Game Mode can be activate from the Settings menu. If you want to enhance more gaming experience then go for the best gaming desktops offered by Laptop Outlet featuring best of Lenovo Gaming Series, including but not limited to Lenovo ideacentre 5i Tower PC, Legion T7 34IAZ7, and Legion T7 Gaming Tower Desktop.

Keep an Eye on Weather – Use Weather Widget  

Microsoft has included a weather widget that can be seen at a glance in Windows 10 or 11’s taskbar, in addition to the massive flyout widgets panel. You’ll find it in the bottom left corner, and it’ll provide you location-specific weather updates in real time. After you select the weather data, the Widget panel will open instantly. 

Keep in mind that Windows 11 will not display the weather widget if the taskbar position has been change to the left. Putting a weather widget on your taskbar is as simple as enabling “Widgets” in the Taskbar’s settings.

Voice Typing – Relax Your Fingers  

I don’t think many people are aware of or making use of the voice typing option in Windows 11, but it is one of the best tools available. You can use a shortcut key to enter text into any editable field or window. To bring up the voice typing window, hit “Windows + H.” Now, just say your text aloud, and it will be transcribe verbatim, complete with punctuation. If you’re interested in learning more about voice typing in Windows 11, check out the guide we’ve already created.

Final Words

If you were not aware of all these hidden features of your PC desktop, then this is the right time to use them and brag among your fellows.  

These are the lesser-known aspects of Windows 11 that you should take use of. Only features that are currently live on the stable channel are discuss in this article. We are currently writing a comprehensive article covering all the new features coming to Windows 11, so stay tuned if you are interested. Until then, visit Laptop Outlet for choosing your next PC or Laptop for an improved performance. Also, feel free to ask any further questions in the feedback area.

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